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'Practical cost effective solutions for higher environmental standards within tree work and land management'




10 years of experience as a tree surgeon and a passion for nature and the environment has developed into a unique skillset combining a high quality arboricultural background with an extensive ecological knowledge. Working with a network of specialists we provide a unique service where biodiversity is at the core of everything we do.


Minimising the impact on the environment we work in and building in  biodiversity gains we aim to benefit people and wildlife.
Clients include Local authorities, Natural Resources Wales and private clients. We work with a network of specialists to provide an efficient, friendly, quality service
Level 4 diploma in Arboriculture


We offer a full range of professional services including treework, land management, habitat creation and ecological services

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Tree work

All aspects of tree work undertaken including tree surgery, felling, pruning, vegetation management, woodland management, low impact forestry works, ecological supervision and tree safety surveys

Fully qualified and insured 

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Tree planting, green infrastructure, landscaping,  planting plans, aftercare and supply of trees


Habitat Creation

Creation of features mimicking natural habitats including, cavities for nesting birds and bat roosts, otter holts, insect hotels and veteranisation

Ecological surveys for an extensive range of habitats


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Before pruning...
After pruning.
Retaining mature trees through proper pruning conserves vital habitats and  the trees health whilst protecting Public health and safety
Biodiversity and environmental gains in tree work

How do we achieve this?

  • When trees are to be removed because of safety concerns the stem is retained at a safe and sensible height for wildlife (monolithing). In these, cavities are carved to offer nesting and roosting features for birds and bats

  • Constructing otter holts using the waste materials from tree removal, often reducing the need to remove waste materials from site and reducing costs

  • Veteranisation of trees; mimicking features found in ancient and veteran trees for the benefit of wildlife. Nature is not tidy and these often flourish with beautiful fungi! (see gallery).

  • Retaining trees and deadwood features in a sensible way to allow both public safety and wildlife to thrive 

  • Allowing for natural regeneration to supplement planting schemes to improve our landscapes with less expense!

  • Tree planting and establishment for habitat creation and restoration, flood mitigation and carbon offsetting.

  • Ensuring that our team has high environmental standards and knowledge of important aspects of our local ecosystems.

  • By providing ecological surveys, management plans and planting design plans we ensure that the correct choices are made when establishing trees. Trees aren't the only important habitat and planting the wrong trees in the wrong places can have negative impacts on biodiversity

  • 1/4 of all trees planted in the UK fail to establish. We give them the best chance, adhering to HSA and British standards for best practice

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5 Croft Villas, Camrose, Haverfordwest, UK


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